The Author of

N e d  W a r d

The London Spy
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  Perhaps it may be expected I should make a Complement to my Author, and tell the World what a Notable, Learned, Ingenious, Well-Read, and Well-Bred Gentleman he has always show'd himself; but the slender Esteem which I know he has for Praise, and the great Aversion that my self to Flattery, have Engag'd me to be as silent as a Mouse in that particular; therefore I shall let the Honest Gentleman alone, and give the World leave to Judge of him according to his Writings.

The Bookseller to the Reader
The Second Volume of the Writings of the Author of the London Spy, 3rd ed. (1706)
I did design in this Preface to give an Account of all past Writings; that in case of Mortality, having enough of my own, I might not be bury'd in other Peoples Rubbish.

A Collection of Historical and State Poems, Satyrs, Songs, and Epigrams (1717)
Ned Ward's Flâneur:
Obsessive Unreason under Puritan Capitalism

When he passed away in 1731, (just a few weeks after Defoe), prolific Ned Ward, the Grub-Street hack and prosperous tavern owner, was acknowledged as a member of the establishment and mourned by a wide public. In his afterlife, Ward had always disgusted respectable critics especially of the 19th century, a view that was upheld among academic post-Victorians throughout the 20th. After long years of research on the early 18th century, I am writing this web page to enhance the so-called 'cultural turn' emphasizing the most important shift in Anglo-saxon civilization and to provide arguments and materials for his invaluable role in socio-cultural history. Due to the machine-readable past and digital logistics in the humanities, algorithms can be easily developed to re-evaluate Ward for a better esteem. Dickens's characters have been popular for more than a century, but, unmistakably, the principal missing link between the 17th-century Theophrastians and the Pickwickians or Joyce's Dubliners proves to be Ned Ward.